Twitter Gestalt of the Week for 2010-02-28

  • Trying to do a "decaffeinated" week to see how it affects my performance at the gym. So far, so good. #FB #
  • Awkward… wasn't paying attention and sat down at the wrong table, cracking joke about the country on the radio. Glad dude wasn't a fan #f #
  • @luisespinal Haha. Well I'm doing it mainly because it finally sunk in that caffeine and creatine don't play well together. in reply to luisespinal #
  • They wouldn't look at you funny if you ordered a burger at Burger King or a taco at Taco Bell. But at Panda Express… #fb #
  • Woman pitching Avon to desperate-looking young lady; two 40-something men discussing mail-order brides. #Starbucks at midday in the midwest #
  • Judging #MMA at Memorial Hall in KC tonight. Amateur fights, apparently. #
  • Did I mention how much I love my #Netbook? Sitting here cageside about to judge a MMA event, on Trillian, Bullshido, Twitter, and Facebook. #
  • I swear they left the doors open to the outside. It's about 50 degrees here at cageside. #
  • They just fixed the heat. First I tweet about scalding coffee and the place goes out of business, now this. Hmm… My mortgage is too high! #

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