Twitter Gestalt of the Week for 2010-05-02

  • According to, Richard Wagner is "On Tour". I wonder if the cemetary administrator is aware of this development. #
  • @JeremyMelloul I'm sure that's prudent. But think of how productive #TED could be on subjects where there is genuine consensus! in reply to JeremyMelloul #
  • @JeremyMelloul yeah, sorry…. was a few days ago. I use a twitter client that threads conversations so I don't miss replying to people. in reply to JeremyMelloul #
  • @JeremyMelloul nope, not sarcastic. I don't drink the #TED koolaid outright; I just wish our culture wasn't getting so anti-intellectual. in reply to JeremyMelloul #
  • RT @EFF: if logged in you send info to FB when visiting a site with the "like" button, whether you "like" it or not. #

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