Twitter Gestalt of the Week for 2010-06-06

  • Good: Sprint launched 4G (WiMax) here in KC. Bad: either the Sprint client, card, connection, or all of the above suck and it doesn't work. #
  • Yeah, this is now genuinely pissing me off. Not only does the #Sprint "Smart View" client fail to connect, now my laptop won't shut down. #
  • Al Gore kicks Tipper to the curb; karma for the PMRC. #
  • Yeah, it's official. The Sprint 3G/4G service here sucks. The "SmartView" client crashes Vista, and the coverage is pathetic. Refund time #
  • Dumped Sprint's 3G/4G service like a whiny girlfriend. Manager at the #Sprint store copped attitude about their buggy connection software #
  • I think we're being attacked by the Japanese. The air raid sirens have been going off in Lenexa for about 20 minutes. #

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