Improvised Ice Pack

As I mentioned in the post below, my back is killing me after my mostly successful attempt at creeping up on a 400lb squat (375lbs) this past Saturday. Well I didn’t have any nifty ice packs anywhere, and didn’t want the condensation from a regular bag of ice bleeding out onto my desk chair, couch, etc. To boot, I had things to do and couldn’t just sit in one spot for an extended period of time.

Then I had a mild eureka moment and solved the problem. Here it is:

Step 1: Fill a ziplock bag with ice (duh)

Phrost's Improvised Icepack

Step 2: Open up the drawer by your oven

Phrost's Improvised Icepack

Step 3: Remove the oven mitt from said drawer, and insert bag o’ ice

Phrost's Improvised Icepack

Step 4: Put oven mitt between your waistband and sore back, go about getting shit done

Phrost's Improvised Icepack

Now, if that last picture gave you a headache (pretty hard to get a decent picture of one’s own back), then you could probably use a variant of this solution, but it’d probably require some duct tape thereby making it a bit less elegant. Depending on your cold tolerance you might want to decide if you want the mitt against your skin, or between your underwear and shorts/pantaloons/ass-less leather chaps (hey, I promise not to judge your lifestyle as long as you don’t make jokes about my choice in pain relief treatments).

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