Milk and Squats – An Ongoing Experiment


I was reading a thread this morning on Bullshido (of course) in our PT forum, about the difference between the Stronglifts 5×5 program, and the old-school “Super Squats” mass building program.

While I’d heard of the “Squats and Milk” maxim, I’d never known there was an actual program associated with it.  So I looked it up and it’s pretty simple; it even includes a diet plan, of sorts.  I’m already doing the Stronglifts program (5×5) and working up towards a 405lb squat (4, 45lb plates on each side of the bar).  30lbs shy of it now, but my form is ugly and I need to get deeper.

Anyway, the bad thing about the Stronglifts program is that while you’ll gain strength, you won’t gain any significant mass.  And considering that I’m built like some kind of goatweasel to begin with and have lost about 20lbs in the last year, the missus is already complaining about how skinny I am.  So it’d be nice to pack on a bit of muscle.

My solution is to blend the two workouts, which makes it that much more brutal, and see how things shake out.  I think I should be safe from overtraining, as long as I get enough sleep and nutrition.  Fortunately, this diet is all about craming food down your throat, mostly cow juice.

So today’s “experimental” workout went like this:


Squats 225×10; Dumbbell BP: 50×12; 5 Dips; 10 reverse crunches.

(Skipping the pullups because of shoulder pain)

Set 1, 2, 3

Squats: 315×5, DB BP: 65×8, 5 Dips, RCx10

Set 4

Squats: 325×5, 10 RC.

Super Squat Set:

20 lying barbell extensions (supposed to do it with 25lbs, use a 30), 20 deep squats -135lbs.

I underestimated the fatigue factor a bit on that, but it was a good workout nonetheless.  Instead of adding another 5lbs on the squat for each workout as suggested, I’m going to step back out of the rack and take my ass to my ankles for each rep which will suck, but is necessary.  I’ll then start adding on the 5lb increments.


Headed in to catch some rolling/sparring, and did a total of about 20 minutes.  Banged the hell out of my knee trying to fake a double on a new guy who’s a wrestler so he’d pop up and I’d get around to the side.  Was bad enough that while I was taking one person’s back and it came in contact with their heel  as they defended against the second hook, I yelped.  I also managed to catch an elbow in the face from one of our heavyweights who shucked off my legs into side control and brought it down directly onto my upper lip.  Strangely it’s not swollen, and I credit the “Talibeard” for saving me from both gimping around, and talking like Mush Mouth for the rest of today.

For extra cardio I’m going to speed-mow my back yard.  My last record was just under 2 hours (it’s fooking huge, unnecessary, and all down hill).  It’s tempting to do it at a slower pace because I’m usually listening to an audiobook while I’m doing it to keep me from mowing fractal patterns into my yard out of boredom.  And now with the knee giving me the finger I’ll probably manage to weasel myself into doing just that.

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